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Install of Raised Garden Tables

Rectangular raised garden table comes with friendly working height, all planting area in reach of hands, you can finish garden plant works while sit on Chair. Deep plant container design with tool storage shelf, enable you plant any vegetables freely and get your backyard tidy.
Install of raised garden table very easy, all wood boards pre assembled and install holes predrilled.
Tool needed is only1 Philips screwdriver.

Step 1: Fix long side board with two legs with screws. Repeat this step to assemble another side board with legs.
Step 2: Fix two end boards with legs.
Step 3: Fix protect corners and top leg covers with small screws.
Step 4: Fix rails of tool shelf to legs, make sure two rails are horizontal and in same height. Then place tool shelf on rails.
Step 5: Put bottom boards into garden beds and line the container with supplied black velvet.

Now installation of raised garden bed finished, you can begin your planting work at any time.

raised garden tables
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